10x your DeFi Yield

Archimedes selects battle tested yield-bearing stablecoins and leverages them up to 10x, producing a 'Top of Market' APY

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Tokenized Positions

Positions are tradable as an NFT without unwinding your leverage


Open Source & Audited

As a fully doxxed team, we are open and transparent with our community


Superior Tokenomics

Yield-bearing stablecoin strategies as base assets, actively managed to keep APY high

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True Stability

Positions are over collateralized with battle tested stablecoins. Yield-bearing stablecoin strategies keep APY high


10x Leverage Positions

Effortlessly, open a position with a yield-bearing stablecoin (OUSD) and leverage it up to 10x to multiply your potential yield

Get your Tradeable Position wrapped as an NFT, and enjoy high yields at reduced risks.

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Earn - Providing Liquidity

Provide liquidity to our 3CRV/lvUSD Curve Pool and enjoy a 'Top of Market' APY with lower risk.

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