Beware of scams! We currently don't have a token on Mainnet.

Get up to 10x leverage
with Archimedes

We are a leverage protocol,
supercharging stablecoin assets.



Superior Collateral

Appreciating stablecoin strategies as base assets, actively managed to keep APY high

High Yield

Up to 10x leverage from additional yield on idle liquidity

Tokenized Positions

Tradeable as an NFT without unwinding your leverage

True Stability

Each position is over collateralized with battle tested stablecoins

Open Source & Transparent

As a fully doxxed team, we are open and transparent with our community


Superior Tokenomics

Token incentives are built for long-term sustainability, benefiting both users and Archimedes

How it Works


Step 1

Buy ARCH Tokens on Curve


Step 2

Open a Position: Deposit collateral and pay with ARCH tokens for access to leverage

Step 3

Get your Tradeable Position

Step 4

Eureka! Enjoy high yields at reduced risks; trade or unwind as you wish

This is Archimedes

Archimedes is a lending and borrowing marketplace. We're fully backed by collateral and engineered to generate high returns while mitigating risks.

Archimedes attracts liquidity to its Curve pools by offering high native APY. Leverage takers then borrow from these pools to create leveraged positions on meta-vaults like OUSD. These positions are wrapped with an NFT, making them tradeable without unwinding.

Open Position

Pay with ARCH Tokens to get access to leverage and deposit collateral

ArchimedesFi    OUSD

Archimedes Leverage Engine

The leverage engine works it's math (not magic), exchanging lvUSD for OUSD on Curve


OUSD is deposited in the
Archimedes vault

Position Created!

You receive an NFT representing a
tradeable position on Archimedes