Earn passive income as a Liquidity Provider

Provide liquidity to our 3CRV/lvUSD Curve Pool, and receive ARCH and CRV as rewards.


Provide Liquidity on Curve

Monitor Pool Analytics

How do I Provide Liquidity?

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Go to the 3CRV/lvUSD Curve Pool


Deposit and Stake USDC, USDT, or DAI


Earn rewards in ARCH Tokens


Where is the liquidity pool APY coming from?

Our 3CRV/lvUSD Pool APY is achieved from emission rewards from our native ARCH Token. Additional APY will come in the form of OUSD and the different protocols we support (as well as CRV). ARCH actually has utility as well as being our governance token.

Leverage Takers (Borrowers) can only open a leverage position by purchasing leverage (lvUSD) with ARCH. With this leverage fee we hope create high demand for ARCH tokens.

Why should I provide liquidity to Archimedes?

At Archimedes we are obsessively focused on providing small and large Liquidity providers with:

  • Top of market APY

You can read more about how we achieve this here.

How much APY am I going to get as a LP?

This is hard to predict but we aim to provide a Top of Market APY.

We use an innovative and Dynamic ARCH Emission schedule, you can read more about it here.

How can I be sure that lvUSD will remain pegged?

Read more about how we maintain the peg for lvUSD here.

How do I provide liquidity?

Read our Step-by-Step guide to providing liquidity here.